Common Questions

Common Questions about Air Fresheners

How long do the products last?

All of our products are formulated to last 30-45 days. In colder climates that time may be longer, and in hotter climates it may be closer to 30 days.

Do vent products fit in all car vents?

Our products are made with pliable plastic and vent clips that fit into most car vents. Press firmly, but do not force onto vent louvers.

What is the proper way to install an oil wick product?

To work properly, all oil wick products need to be installed with the grey lid pointed up. As with all oil wicks for the home or car, if the wick is placed sideways or downward, damage may occur.

Do I need the AC or heat on for a vent air freshener to work?

All vent air freshener products work better when air flow is moving over the product. Generally speaking, the warmer the air and higher the flow, the stronger the scent release.

Does the foil tab on a diffuser need to be taken all the way off, or just partially at first (and increase as it gets older)?

The foil tab should be completely removed completely on all diffusers. You can control the scent release by turning the dial.

Can I use your air fresheners in my house?

Yes! While they are primarily intended for use in car, they can also be used to fragrance small areas in the home.

My local laws do not allow for air fresheners to be hung from the rearview mirror, what other options do I have for an air freshener in my car?

There are a variety of air fresheners that can attach to your car’s vent, including Scented Oil Wicks and Vent Sticks. Likewise, Gel Can air fresheners can be discretely tucked away under the seat, or in a cup holder. Either way, there are several non-hanging car air freshener options for you to choose from.

Common Questions about Appearance Products

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What bacteria does Refresh Your Car Antibacterial products kill?

Refresh Your Car Antibacterial wipes and sprays kill 99.9% of Staphylococcus Aureus (Staph) and Enterobacter Aerogenes.

How is the clean wipe different from a regular disinfecting wipe on the market?

Regular disinfecting wipes are only designed to kill bacteria. Refresh Your Car Antibacterial wipes and sprays are formulated to protect the interior of the car with UV protection while also killing bacteria.*

Will these wipes leave streaks on my black interior?

All Refresh Your Car wipes are formulated to not leave streaks on any surface. Apply the formula in a circular motion and work the product into the entire surface evenly to clean, protect, and revitalize.

Do I need to test the antibacterial products on the surfaces of my car before using them?

Refresh Your Car antibacterial products have been engineered to clean, protect, and revitalize hard non-porous surfaces in the car (vinyl, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel). They are an effective sanitizer for the interior of the car: dashboard, door handle, cup holders, and more.
If there are concerns, you can test the products in a small inconspicuous area prior to use.

I have leather and vinyl in my vehicle, do you recommend Refresh Cleaner Wipes or the Leather version?

Leather would be a better option since it includes the sun blocking agents to protect surfaces from drying, cracking, fading, and premature aging.

Can I use the wipes on vinyl; including seats and convertible tops?

Yes! Refresh Your Car Antibacterial wipes and sprays have been specifically designed to clean and protect car interiors (including convertible tops) from harmful UV sun damage.

Can the wipes and sprays be stored in the car during extreme heat or cold?

For best performance, we recommend that the product be stored away from direct sunlight at or around room temperature.

Should the spray be applied directly to the surface, or to a cloth first?

Although the product can be applied either way, to get best results, spray the product directly onto a cloth before applying to auto interior surfaces.

Where can I buy Refresh Your Car Air Fresheners and Antibacterial Wipes?

View our store locator. Refresh Your Car products are available in Mass, Grocery, Drug, Auto Parts, Convenience Store and Hardware retailers throughout the US and Canada. For specific product information, please refer to the product pages.

I have feedback about a Refresh Your Car product. Whom should I contact?

HandStands, makers of Refresh Your Car®!, is a family-focused company, and we care about making your automotive life more enjoyable! We want to hear your thoughts, comments and suggested improvements.

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