Gel Can

Pleasing aromas in a versatile package.

The Refresh Your Car® Gel Cans pack a powerful fragrance experience in a discreet and easily hidden container. Water-based gels and scent control lids allow you to select the level of fragrance released. The 5oz Dual Scent gels deliver two great fragrances in a single yet beautiful container and offer scent control with the innovative pop-top lid. If you are looking for a discreet air freshener option
– look no further than Refresh Your Car® Cans!


  • Fragrance intensity is controlled by simply turning the outer ring of the lid
  • Gel Cans can be placed in various locations within your vehicle (cup holder, door pocket, under the seat, trunk, etc)
  • Available in Single and Dual Scents*

*Dual scents available in 5oz format only


  • 1oz
  • 2.5oz
  • 4.5oz
  • 5oz


Fresh Linen

Fresh Linen

Fresh Linen is a crisp and clean fragrance that will remind you of your favorite sheets, dried on a clothesline by a billowing breeze.

Hawaiian Sunrise

Hawaiian Sunrise

Turn your car into a place that makes any passenger feel like ohana with Hawaiian Sunrise that smells like tropical hibiscus, heavenly jasmine, and good times with people you love ... I love you person who just honked at me!

New Car

New Car

A masculine yet fresh and clean scent suitable for any vehicle. New Car scent brings you back to the day your car was new and fresh off of the line.


  • Fresh Scent

  • New Car & Cool Breeze

  • Very Cherry

  • Fresh Strawberry & Cool Lemonade

  • Lightning Bolt/Ice Storm

  • Summer Breeze

*Not all scents are available in all formats